what is it going to cost?

The Cost of Family Cases

Unknown fees and legal costs can make family law cases very difficult. The bad news is that most attorneys cannot tell you how much your case is going to cost. They will quote you a “retainer” or an advanced fee deposit, but they cannot confirm whether your initial fee deposit will be enough to cover the final bill. 

The average cost throughout the country is approximately $20,000 per divorce. However, I have cases cost less than $500, while others end up costing $75,000.

We explain our process in determining legal fees.

Despite the uncertainty, there are factors that can provide you with insight into how expensive your case will be and there are tasks you can do to reduce the time your attorney will need to spend on your case.

You should first consider:

  • How much money you can afford to spend or borrow to pay for your case;
  • How much income and assets are at stake;
  • Is you or your child’s personal safety at stake;
  • Whether you believe you are competent to handle the administrative tasks and/or court appearances.